Re-roofing Auckland, One House at a Time

Auckland may be the warmest, sunniest city in New Zealand, but time and weather still take their toll. The area’s subtropical climate can cause roofs, especially those installed a few decades ago, to show signs of damage. This affects the aesthetic and function of the homes. Cooper Roofing delivers simple, reliable and affordable reroofing solutions for Auckland’s homeowners.

Our team of skilled, licensed and experienced roofers can install the roof that best suits your home — competitively priced and guaranteed to last longer than its predecessor. Reroofing is a major renovation, Cooper Roofing sees to it that each project is finished in the most efficient manner possible, with results tailored to your specific needs.

Do I Need a New Roof?

A roof inspection can be done in two ways by yourself: from inside and outside the home. All you need is access and a light source.

For interior checks, a large-enough roof space and a good torch should enable you to check for these four signs of roof damage:

  • 1. Sunlight. Even without a torch, these beams of light inside the roof space suggest that your roof is no longer doing its job properly.
  • 2. Sagging. Holes are not the only way of telling whether a roof is faulty. Sagging indicates a structural issue, usually due to moisture.
  • 3. Trails. The presence of dark areas or trails points to mould growth. This is a sign that moisture has penetrated the roof.
  • 4. Water. No homeowner should have to bring out buckets every time it rains.

For exterior checks, Cooper Roofing always stresses the importance of safety, no matter the height of the roof from the ground. You should be able to spot signs of damage and wear without stepping onto the roof itself. Our team can help assess the condition of your roof and determine whether it needs to be replacement.

Cooper Roofing helps homeowners identify and address roof issues before they worsen. We advise homeowners to conduct an interior and exterior roof check around twice a year to prevent damage from reaching levels only a costly, large-scale effort can fix. Contact us today to learn more.

Cooper Roofing Ltd delivers simple, reliable and affordable reroofing solutions for homeowners and homebuilders in Auckland. Contact us today!