Decramastic Roofing

Decramastic Roofing

Decramastic – Cost Effective Roofing in Auckland, Refined

Introduced in the early 1970s, pressed metal tiles gained prominence as roofing materials throughout the following decade due their low cost and ease of installation. Modern Decramastic roofs (now renamed Metrotile roofing) are stronger and lighter than ever thanks to research and material development since the 70’s. Metal roof tiles are an effective low cost roofing material that can be used to suit your needs. We offer a wide selection of Metrotile Roofing, Auckland wide from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Cooper Roofing sources its pressed metal /Decramastic tiles from the best coated metal tile manufacturer in the world. Decades of engineering and testing has led to the creation of metal tile roofing with guaranteed lifespans of at least 50 years for non corrosive areas.

A metal tile roof is truly accessible and finally worry-free. Now, it even comes with a 50-year pro rata weathertight standard environment* warranty.

Is a metal tile roof Right for You?

Cooper Roofing supplies and installs a wide range of roofs, but if you are a homeowner looking for maximum value without compromising reliability and style, then metal roof tiles are the roofing material for you.

Metrotile Roofing Systems produces an extensive range of profiles, colours, finishes and trim options for its pressed metal roof tile line. Homeowners can even forgo the classic stone chip texture for a smoother painted satin finish — two sides of the same cost-effective coin.

No matter the architectural style of a home, there is a Metrotile roof tile to not only match, but also enhance, its exterior appearance. From Auckland’s most traditional homes to its more modern abodes, Metrotile roofs now provide long-term style and security.

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* A standard Environment is defined as more than 750m from breaking surf. A Corrosive Environment is defined as within 750m of breaking surf and is warranted to remain weather proof for up to 25 years.

Cooper Roofing installs pressed metal & Decramastic tiles, which are among the most cost-effective roofing materials available. Contact us today!