Leaking Roof?

A lot of people are guilty of taking the roof above us for granted, it’s not something we think about until it starts leaking or stops working. And when your roof is leaking, you can’t ignore it or put it off for another day. The simple fact of the matter is, by the time your roof is actually leaking, the problems around your home may already be a serious issue. A leak can be present for quite a long time before presenting as moisture on your ceiling or walls. The leak can cause all sorts of nasty things for you including damaged ceilings, water stains, rot , mould and structural damage just to name a few. Leaving a problem and hoping it will go away will only cause a more expensive “fix” in the long run, it can also cause internal damage to your home.

Reasons for a leaking roofs

Flashings: Because of harsh weather or damage from wind, flashings on places of your roof may become damaged over time.

Roof Age: How old is your roof, has it been regularly maintained? Has it been walked over often in maintenance of aerials or chimneys?

Fasteners: For longrun roofs these can become damaged or may pull after a heavy storm or high winds.

Obstructions: Moss, leaves and trees branches.

If you have concerns of a leak or any other problem, we are happy to check, quote and assist with repairs.

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